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Deal with GO E05 - SAVE 25%!

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Here at Ergolash, we have an exclusive offer on our popular GO E05 ratchets!

Buy this bundle deal and get 4 pcs. GO E05 with a 25% discount!

  • The GO series has an LC of 2000daN (4000kg)
  • 50mm band width
  • GO is ideal for heavy load-securing tasks

Achieve faster and easier load securing with GO.

The new innovative axle in the ratchet allows for quick sideways insertion of the strap. It is therefore no longer necessary to pull the entire webbing through the ratchet when securing the load. Simply insert the tape sideways in seconds. You will only find this function with ERGOLASH lashing straps.



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Looking to Work Smarter, Not Harder? Then ERGOLASH Is Perfect for You!

With our world-patented ratchet, you can easily insert the lashing strap sideways. All you have to do is swipe it in. You no longer have to pull the entire strap through the ratchet. Using ERGOLASH lashing straps will allow you to save 35% on your lashing time. Not bad, right? Why not give it a try?

The GO model is perfect for heavy load-securing!