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Deal from Ergolash®

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A unique possibility to try ERGOLASH® lashing straps. 

Rest of June you get this deal of:

  • 2 pcs. PRO-model (ratchet only)
  • 1 pcs magnets, a package contains 2 pcs of magnets.

Please note this deal only contain the PRO ratchet, not the lashing strap. You can use the ratchet together with other 5t/50mm lashing bands or buy the lashing strap from ERGOLASH here.

Unique ratchet from ERGOLASH®

Lashing times goes faster and makes it easier to secure your goods with ERGOLASH®

No need to feed the entire strap through the ratchet. Insert the strap sideways in the ratchet.

Faster and easier lashings with ERGOLASH lashing straps.


Total length, webbing PRO E100: 10m
Width, webbing 50 mm
Material, webbing 100% polyester
LC at direct lashing 2500 daN / 2500 kg
LC at top-over lashing 5000 daN / 5000 kg
Standard Tension Force (STF) 300 daN / 300 kg
Standard Hand Force (SHF) 50 daN / 50 kg
Hook type J-hook
Ratchet type Push for tension
Compliance EN12195-2
TÜV certified Yes
Magnet fits strap type 50mm strap, J-Hook
Magnet type Neodymium
Magnet force ~2.5 kg (lift)
Material Polymer & steel
Pack size 2 pcs