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Dynello Accu Winder

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  • Strap winder for your cordless drill
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Primarily for 50mm strap-width, max. strap-length 13m
  • Fits Ø10mm drill chuck

Strap winder for the cordless drill made of stainless steel and CNC precision machined aluminium. Enjoy effortless winding of the lashing straps in seconds. Requires minimal maintenance and fits all drills that can fit a Ø10mm shaft.

The perfect companion for those who use lashing straps regularly and own a cordless drill.

A robust and simple strap winder

Dynello Accu Winder is a smart strap winder for your own drill. The simple design, with a rotating shaft and a strap guide, makes it easy to wind your lashings in seconds.

The strap guide ensures an easy and nice strap-winding and the tightness of the strap can be controlled with the torque control on the drill.


Size (insert in chuck) Ø10mm
Use for max. length strap 13m
Material Aluminium & stainless steel
Weight (tool) 350g