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fastwinder Standard

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  • Multi-purpose winder for your drill
  • Polymer body with dry bearing technology
  • New innovative Add-On System
  • Fits Ø10mm drill chuck
  • fastwinder™ Standard is primarily for lashing straps

The multi-purpose winder features the new innovative Add-On System. Fits perfectly for all types of ERGOLASH lashing straps

The fastwinder™ models are developed with a dry bearing technology for continuous dry-running operation. Made in a new polymer compound containing PFTE (also known as Teflon™) gives ultra-low friction making each winding smooth and straightforward

fastwinder™ Standard has a Ø10 mm shaft. Use with a cordless drill

Each winding smoother with fastwinder

The new fastwinder Standard from Dynello is developed to fit most windings of lashing straps. All lashing straps from ERGOLASH can easily be used by the fastwinder. Keep your lashing straps in order with the fastwinder


Use 0-50mm strap-width
Max length of roll-up 20m
Size (min. chuck size) Ø10mm
Speed Adjust speed and torque with drill
Material Polymer and aluminium