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ROADY 6 pcs. package

25mm/ 400daN/ 4m

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ROADY is now available as a 6 pcs. package. 

Perfect when you buy Dynello clips 25mm

This package is available for ROADY, 4m

When buying this 6pcs package, you can save 50% on the Dynello Clips, 25mm - just add the product to your basket and the discount will be added automaticly


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ERGOLASH® ROADY for small loads

Ergolash ROADY is perfect for those with trailer, and other smaller loadings. Of course with the the sideways insert of the lashing strap, for easier and faster securing of your lashing

Same function - now in mini format

The first ratchet made from Ergolash is the PRO-model which is 50mm wide. After some time we figured that we could add the same function to a smaller lashing strap and ratchet, which is the result of ROADY (as well as BUDDY). Which means that you now can load your trailer, secure your caravan or other smaller purposes. Try out our ROADY now, and enjoy the easy and fast securing of you lashing


Norms DS / EN 12195-2
Load Capacity (LC) 400 daN 
Strap material 100 % polyester
Strap elongation <7 % at LC
Restrictions Lashing only
Standard Tension Force (STF) 100 daN 
Length, strap 4 m
Width, strap 25 mm