Smart magnets for lashing straps

Smart magnets for lashing straps

Save time with this functional magnet

Save time when you are securing your goods.

Or should we say work harder not smarter? đź’Ş

A simple way to work more effective is to add this magnet to your webbing, which makes the webbing stay in place when you are on the other side of your trailer securing your goods with the ratchet.

The magnets fits the standard J-hook

The magnet is a strong neodymium magnet - a strong magnet which make the hook stay in place, when using the lashing straps.

A package contains 2 pcs of the magnets.


How to use the magnet?

The magnet is very simple to use. When the magnet is attached to the webbing, it simply attaches to the metal part of your trailer, and stays in place when you attach the lashing strap, and starting to lashing the ratchet and webbing


How to add the magnet on the hook?

For the magnets that fits the 50mm webbing, you need to part the two pieces with a screwdriver. When simply place the magnet on the hook - make sure the magnetic part is facing the J-hook. Attach the other part on the other side of the hook, and close it by screwing the screw on the other side of the magnet. Now the magnet is ready to use!



We have made a video of how to add the magnet to the 50 mm lashing strap/ webbing and you can see the video on our youtube channel here


With the simple attaching by the screwing it means it can be added to another lashing strap if your lashings are worn out. 

This magnet is available for the purchase on our webshop and many Ergolash dealers


New magnet sizes

The new thing is that the magnet will be available in different sizes.

So whether you use a 50 mm lashing strap or a 25 mm lashing strap it is possible to upgrade your lashing equipment.

And soon we will expand with a 35 mm magnet, for those interested in this particular model. 

You can find the 50 mm model here

Stay tuned for the other models here đź‘€

How to ad magnet to lashing strap