Here, you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding our Ergolash products. Check them out below!
  • How Strong Is Ergolash? And Is It Strong Enough?

    Ergolash lashes can hold up to 5,000 kg. Therefore, the short answer is YES! Ergolash is strong enough. The lashing straps from Ergolash follows the standards of the lashing industry. The strength of Ergolash lashes is guaranteed by TÜV GS, an independent company with great competences within the car industry. TÜV is a German recognised certification that tests many different products within the car industry - like lashing straps.

  • What Is the Difference between Ergolash and Conventional Lashing Straps?

    The main difference between conventional lashing straps and Ergolas lashing straps is the half-open ratchet shaft which ensures a faster and easier use of the straps. When buying lashing straps from Ergolash, you buy a product of high quality with heavy focus on every single detail of the lashing straps and ratchet shafts. For example, we have added plastic to the ratchet shaft to make the Ergolash lashing straps more comfortable to use.

  • Is Ergolash too Expensive?

    It depends on how you measure the value of products. Ergolash lashing straps are high in quality, and compared to other high-quality products the difference is not that big. If you compare Ergolash lashing straps with cheaper models, Ergolash will naturally appear more expensive. But! If you compare the time when loading and unloading with conventional lashing straps with Ergolash, you will find that Ergolash is much more effective. You can save a lot of time - especially if you are loading and unloading multiple times in a day.

    When comparing the price to the amount of time used when using the lashing straps to secure your cargo, our calculations have shown that if you use lashing straps 13 times or more, you will save valuable time lashing your cargo with Ergolash.

  • What Are the Lengths of the Lashing Straps?

    With the Ergolash® ratchet you don't need to pull the entire webbing through the ratchet. Therefore, the length of the webbing is not an issue like it can potentially be with conventional lashing straps. Based on known needs when it comes to the length of the straps, we believed that a 10-meter-long lashing strap would fit best. But we also offer 8 meter versions. The 10 meter, 50mm lashing strap, called PRO E100 (100 stands for 10 meters) is our best-seller - but you can find different sizes available of the PRO-model here, for example the 8 meter version.

    We are continuously expanding our product range, and some of our models are available in different sizes. Take look on the different products versions, and here you can see the sizes available.

  • Why Can't I Find the Size I Need?

    At the moment, we have a broader variety of lashing straps.

    We started with the 50 mm lashing strap, which we have in two different types: the 5 ton and the 4 ton. The length of the webbing is not an issue as you don't need to pull the entire webbing through the ratchet, like with traditional ratchets. As long as the webbing is long enough for the task, the leftover/unused webbing can easily be put away - for example with a clip from Dynello. These models are available in 8 and 10 meters. Our popular BUDDY model, the 25 mm is also available in 4 meters. The other 25 mm called ROADY is available in 4 and 6 meters. The newest model, our MATTY, has a width of 35 mm and is available in a 6 meter version.

  • Why Does the Webbing "Slip" Out of the Side of the Ratchet When I Try to Tighten It?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that the webbing of the lashing straps does not "slip" out of the ratchet.We sometimes hear from users of the small lashing strap called BUDDY that they are having issues with keeping the webbing inside the ratchet. If you are having difficulties with the webbing, it can help to hold the ratchet at an angle, upwards, so the webbing has a harder time "escaping" the ratchet when tightening the lashing strap. We recommend you have a look through some of our "how to" videos on using the lashing straps, for example, check out this video on how to use the Ergolash.


  • Where Can I Buy Ergolash Lashing Straps?

    You can easily buy the lashing straps from our webshop.

    Or you can find our resellers on our reseller page, which we are continuously expanding as we get a bigger network of resellers.

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