The Popular MATTY Lashing Strap Is Back in Stock!

The Popular MATTY Lashing Strap Is Back in Stock!

Our hyperpopular MATTY lashing strap is finally back in stock! Our smart 35mm lashing strap, which is a middle ground between our small 25mm straps and out 50mm straps, has been a crowd-pleaser since it first hit the market - and now it's finally back on the shelves again ūüĎŹ

Why Is the MATTY Model 35mm?

You probably know it all too well... You have the small 25mm lashing straps, which are perfect for the smaller everyday tasks - like securing the bike to the car. And you also have the larger 50mm lashing strips which are perfect for lashing larger loads. But you need a lashing strap that is neither too big nor too small... This is where our 35mm lashing strap comes into play. Mith our MATTY model, you get the perfect size for securing a medium-heavy trailer load, or perhaps the tools inside a craftsman's van! With the 35mm lashing strap, you get a lashing strap that can still pull the load without being too wide¬†ūüėČ

How Do I Use the MATTY Lashing Strap?

The MATTY model is of course characterized by the ERGOLASH swipe function, which allows you to insert the webbing/strap in only a few seconds. The new innovative ratchet allows you to insert the webbing sideways, so you don't have to pull the entirety of a 6, 8, or 10 metre webbing through the ratchet! With the MATTY lashing strap, you save time without compromising on quality and strength.

How Strong Is the MATTY Model?

MATTY has an LC of 2,000 kg (1,000 daN) and has been made according to industry standards, like EN 12 195-2. The model is quite a lot stronger than the 25mm lashing straps with an LC of 500kg and 800kg that has been created for some of the smaller everyday tasks. The MATTY model allows you to secure heavier loads while still having a lashing strap¬†that is manageable in size. Our ERGOLASH MATTY lashing strap is made with the aim of creating a medium-sized lashing strap that is perfect for medmium-heavy tasks, such as securing a motorcycle to the trailer, or perhaps secure the craftsman's tools to his cart ūüí™

You can find our MATTY lashing straps right here! The lashing strap comes as a 6 meter strap.