The Innovative Ratchet

Invented in Denmark 🇩🇰 ERGOLASH® re-innovates the 50-year old ratchet so everyone using lashing straps all over the world can enjoy a new and effortless way to load-secure.

Get more time using ERGOLASH!

Cost reduction with ERGOLASH®

Reduse your costs after 13 lashings (on average). We calculated how many lashing you need to complete to reach ROI (return of investment).

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50-year old invention re-made

We embodied a simple idea into the existing ratchet. What we did was forging a new custom designed high-alloy and hardened half-open ratchet shaft (1), strengtened the ratchet wheels (2) and handle-levers (3)

Beyond industry standards

ERGOLASH® complies with all applicable standards and norms (EN 12195-2) and is moreover TÜV proved and certified.

Load-secure with a swipe. Swipe the lashing strap into the ratchet from Ergolash

Load-secure with a swipe

No need to feed the entire strap through the ratchet.

Insert the strap sideways in the ratchet and the length you need. Roll-out only the amount of loose strap you need.

Easy on, easy off

Remove the strap from the ratchet just as easily. You save time during both loading an un-loading the goods.

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Customer Success Stories

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