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  • ROADY has an LC of 800kg in top-over lashing
  • 25mm strap-width
  • ROADY is ideal for trailers, vans, and as a canopy for camping awnings

ROADY lashing strap is with ERGOLASH ratchet, where the strap is inserted sideways into the open ratchet, and is approved for 800kg.

Achieve faster and easier load securing with our ERGOLASH® ROADY series. The new innovative shaft in the ratchet allows for quick sideways insertion of the strap. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to pull the entire strap through the ratchet when load securing.

Simply insert the strap sideways in seconds. This feature is only available with ERGOLASH lashing straps.

Try our BUDDY E40, which is also a 25 mm lashing strap

Bring Your ROADY on the Road

Our ERGOLASH Lashing Straps for Trailers and Vans

The ERGOLASH® ROADY model is one size larger than our popular BUDDY model. The ROADY model has the same width but comes with a strength of 800 kg.

ROADY has a 25mm width and the same type of ratchet as the BUDDY model. The small size is ideal for storing goods and tools in the van, and can also be used for the slightly heavier loads on the trailer or van.

Especially with the small sizes of ROADY and BUDDY, you will benefit from the fast way of inserting the strap into the ratchet, which is a characteristic of ERGOLASH®


Total length, webbing ROADY40: 4 m | ROADY60: 6 m
Width, webbing 25 mm
Material, webbing 100% polyester
LC at direct lashing 400 daN / 400 kg
LC at top-over lashing 800 daN / 800 kg
Standard Tension Force (STF) 100 daN / 100 kg
Standard Hand Force (SHF) 50 daN / 50 kg
Hook type J-hook
Ratchet type Push for tension
Compliance EN12195-2