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ERGOLASH® 25mm lashing strap

25mm / 250daN / 4m

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  • 35% faster than low-cost ratchets
  • Forged in hardened high-alloy steel
  • No frayed strap-ends

Load-secure 35% faster with our ERGOLASH® 25mm/250daN.

The innovative ratchet-shaft allows for quick sideways insert of the webbing. No need to pull the entire strap through the ratchet. Simply swipe you cargo in a matter of seconds.

The lashing strap includes both the ratchet and the loose strap.

  • Width, strap: 25mm
  • Total length, strap: 4m
  • LC: 250daN


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ERGOLASH® for small loads

ERGOLASH® 25mm for all those with a trailer or the busy carpenter, electrician and mason.

Same function. Now in mini format

The ERGOLASH® 25mm is for everybody in need of reliable and fast load-secure of their trailer load.

The "ERGOLASH® swipe" is particularly useful for 25mm straps as they easily become twisted and difficult to feed through the ratchet.

Now you just swipe!


Norms DS / EN 12195-2
Load Capacity (LC) 250 daN 
Strap material 100 % polyester
Strap elongation <7 % at LC
Restrictions Lashing only
Standard Tension Force (STF) 50 daN 
Length, strap 4 m
Width, strap 25 mm