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Magnet 50mm

50mm / 2-Pack

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  • Magnet for lashing strap-hook
  • Fits J-hook type
  • Mounted with one screw

Magnetic fastening of the lashing-hook. The lashing magnet ensures the hook stays in place, when you are on the other side of the trailer.

Easily mounted with a single screw.

  • Pack size: 2 pcs/pack.


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Strong magnet for the lashing-hook

Less walking around the truck-trailer when attaching your lashing-hooks with neodymium force.

Keeps the lashing hook in place

Tired of the lashing hook coming off?

Attach our sturdy magnet to your lashings and fasten the hook with neodymium-force. Stays put even in windy weather.


Fits strap type 50mm strap, J-Hook
Magnet type Neodymium
Magnet force ~2.5 kg (lift)
Material Polymer & steel
Pack size 2 pcs
Weight (pcs) 30g