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Lashing Magnet 50mm 2-Pack

  • Magnet for lashing hook
  • Fits J-hook type
  • Easy mounting with 1 screw

Magnetic fixing of the lashing hook.

The lashing magnet ensures that the hook stays in place when you stand on the other side of the trailer to get ready to ratchet up the load. The magnet fits the ERGOLASH PRO series metal hook. Quick and easy installation with one screw.

Pack contains 2 magnets.

Keeps the lashing hook in place

Tired of the lashing hook coming off?

Attach our sturdy magnet to your lashings and fasten the hook with neodymium-force. Stays put even in windy weather.


Fits strap type 50mm strap, J-Hook
Magnet type Neodymium
Magnet force ~2.5 kg (lift)
Material Polymer & steel
Pack size 2 pcs
Weight (pcs) 30g